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Patient Testimonials

Physical Therapist Reduces Pain, Improves Mobility

For Hsun Juo Chiu, the chronic neck and back pain can be profound. Wheelchair bound, he nonetheless is able to remain in his own home with the help of a home care aide, a physical therapist and a social worker provided by CNR’s Long Term Home Health Care.

Explains Chiu: “After my therapist works with me in my home, I’m able to...

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Home Care Patient Benefits from Telehealth Program

John Bettencourt used to sell trucks for a living in Brooklyn. Sidelined and hospitalized by a combination of ailments from diabetes and hypertension to congestive heart failure, John was finally able to return to his home in Brooklyn.

Coming home with him was a new life routine and a new bit of Telehealth technology that John...

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Upbeat Home Aide's Attitude is Contagious

Faima Kivovich is paralyzed. She is completely dependent on her CNR Long Term Home Health Care aide Hanna and a Hoyer lift that can move her from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to dining chair or to mobile scooter, and of course assists with her bathroom and dressing routine. Though her husband David looks after her in the late afternoon and...

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Social Worker Teaches Stress-Reducing Techniques

Faima’s husband and part time caregiver, David Kivovich also has assistance provided by CNR Long Term Home Health Care. Unlike his wife, who is physically dependent on an aide due to her paralysis, David’s aide Esfira is a social worker, who helps him deal with the stress and anxiety that commonly afflicts familial caregivers.

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Rehab Patient’s Goal: “I Want to Get My Old Life Back”

Three years ago, Icylyn Spencer had her knee replaced. As miraculous as the procedure seems, it is necessarily followed by weeks of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Icylyn checked into a rehab facility and recalls, “I didn’t feel safe or well taken care of.”

Her dissatisfaction with her own rehab experience became...

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