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Upbeat Home Aide's Attitude is Contagious

Faima Kivovich is paralyzed. She is completely dependent on her CNR Long Term Home Health Care aide Hanna and a Hoyer lift that can move her from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to dining chair or to mobile scooter, and of course assists with her bathroom and dressing routine. Though her husband David looks after her in the late afternoon and evening after Hanna goes home, it is Hanna who provides the dominant share of Faima’s care.

“Each morning, I’m so lucky to be greeted by my aide with a big, warm smile. It just makes me want to smile back at her and let her know how special she is,” says Faima.

“Hanna also spoils me with wonderful home cooked meals. Then, once we’re done with eating, bathing and dressing, and when the weather cooperates, we go outside to visit with neighbors or for a roll along the boardwalk. No matter what, Hanna always maintains her pleasant attitude. I’m so lucky to have her in my life.”