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Physical Therapist Reduces Pain, Improves Mobility

For Hsun Juo Chiu, the chronic neck and back pain can be profound. Wheelchair bound, he nonetheless is able to remain in his own home with the help of a home care aide, a physical therapist and a social worker provided by CNR’s Long Term Home Health Care.

Explains Chiu: “After my therapist works with me in my home, I’m able to turn my neck and exercise my legs and arms with less pain. He is also very clear in letting me know what exercises he expects me to do before our next physical therapy session.”

Not one to give all the credit away, Chiu adds, “I think he’d agree that I’m a pretty good patient, because I follow all his written instructions and he can see the progress I’m making."

“I’m in less pain and look forward to going outdoors to be with people.”