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Rehab Patient’s Goal: “I Want to Get My Old Life Back”

Three years ago, Icylyn Spencer had her knee replaced. As miraculous as the procedure seems, it is necessarily followed by weeks of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Icylyn checked into a rehab facility and recalls, “I didn’t feel safe or well taken care of.”

Her dissatisfaction with her own rehab experience became even more apparent when Icylyn visited a friend also recovering from knee replacement surgery.

The friend was rehabbing at CNR.

“I saw first hand what warm and professional care she was getting. Her progress and her results were amazing.”

Afterwards, when Icylyn had to have her other knee replaced, she knew where to go for her rehab. “There was no question and no guesswork. This time, I checked in to CNR.”

“My goal is to get my old life back and go home as soon as I’m confident that I can walk up the 15 stairs to get to the front door at my house."

“At the rate that I’m going, it won’t be long.”